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Ginger Lemon Ice Cream Sandwiches

Saturday May 31, 2014

Ginger Ice Cream Sandwich RecipeHere's a wonderful frozen treat to cool down on those hot summer days. In this recipe, bright and tangy ice cream is sandwich between soft ginger cookies!


Check out the recipe for Ginger Lemon Ice Cream Sandwiches.


Photo ©Ten Speed.

Slow-Roasted Pork Sandwich with Red Cabbage, Jalapeños, and Mustard

Saturday May 31, 2014

Pork Sandwich RecipePork shoulder is slow roasted and sliced thin in this recipe for a very tender and flavorful helping of meat. A red cabbage slaw made with red wine vinegar and olive oil tops the pork. Dijon mustard and fresh jalapenos finish off this succulent sandwich served on chewy ciabatta bread.


Check out the recipe for Slow-Roasted Pork Sandwich with Red Cabbage, Jalapeños, and Mustard.


Photo ©Clarkson Potter.

Strawberry Peach Stuffed French Toast

Saturday May 31, 2014

Strawberry Peach French Toast RecipeBreakfast is the best meal of the day. Especially when you have food like this! Slightly decadent, this stuffed French toast is not for everyday. Fresh summer peaches and ripe strawberries are a perfect combination when combined with cream cheese for this wonderful breakfast treat.


Check out the recipe for Strawberry Peach Stuffed French Toast.


Lemon & Almond Streamliner Cake

Saturday May 31, 2014

Lemon Cake RecipeThis single layer buttermilk cake is light and moist, thanks to the addition of almond paste. The delicious cake is topped with a tart lemon custard. The name streamliner reminds me of the first half of the 20th century with the streamlined passenger trains and vintage-style campers.


Check out the recipe for Lemon & Almond Streamliner Cake.


Photo ©Ten Speed.

10 Steps to Preparing a Traditional Clambake

Saturday May 31, 2014

ClambakeSummer is here and it's not too early to have a clambake. An old-fashioned clambake on the beach is an event that shouldn't be missed. An American tradition, the clambake dates back hundreds of years to when the first European settlers learned the practice of cooking food in a pit of hot rocks from the Native Americans. The tradition is still popular today and is often a grand celebration.


Check out the 10 Steps to a Traditional Clambake.


Photo ©Evan Sklar/Getty Images.

Grilled Corn and Crab Salad with Raspberries

Saturday May 31, 2014

Grilled Corn with Crab SaladPerfect for summer: earthy grilled corn pairs wonderfully with cool, refreshing fresh raspberries and sweet crab meat.

If you can't find fresh lump crabmeat, look for premium hand-picked pasteurized crabmeat in the seafood cold case. It comes in 8-ounce tubs and makes a good substitute.


Check out the recipe for Grilled Corn and Crab Salad with Raspberries.


Photo © Chronicle.

Grilled Oysters with Miso and Wasabi

Friday May 30, 2014

Grilled OystersThis recipe for grilled oysters is easy to make but elegant. Served with wasabi-flavored crème fraîche and delicious crystals of miso gel it would make an extraordinary appetizer for your next party. Serve on the shell or in shot glasses.


Check out the recipe for Grilled Oysters with Miso and Wasabi.


Photo © Justin Marx.

What's in Season in June?

Friday May 30, 2014

What's in SeasonI always recommend cooking with the seasons. What does this mean? 'Cooking with the Seasons' means using local produce that is in season at the time you're preparing your meal. Farm-grown tomatoes are absolutely delicious in summer but a tomato in December is a pretty poor substitute. This is true of most fruits and vegetables out of season. Buying local means your fruit or vegetable had very little travel time and was picked at the peak of ripeness. Out of season, your produce likely came from California or out of the country - harvested before peak ripeness, jostled around on a long trip, and in the case of a foreign origin could have unknown pesticides. Buying local also helps you source your produce and identify whether any chemicals were used in the growing process.


Check out the complete list of What's in Season in June.


Argentinean Burger

Monday May 26, 2014

Goober CakeArgentineans are known for their love of beef, as well as their love of grilling. Almost everything that comes off the grill gets a side of chimichurri sauce. We've jazzed up your burger here with some homemade chimichurri sauce and a slice or two of Spain's favorite cheese, Manchego.


Check out the recipe for Argentinean Burger.


Southern 'Goober' Cake

Tuesday May 6, 2014

Goober CakeIn the South, 'goober' is another term for peanuts. This delicious vintage dessert starts with a moist and flavorful peanut butter cake and then adds a wonderful peanut butter frosting and chocolate ganache. Chocolate and peanut butter taste heavenly together but, for something different, you can substitute the ganache with your favorite jam.


Check out the recipe for Goober Cake.


Photo ©Ten Speed.


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