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Brett Moore

Brett Moore

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Brett Moore is a professional chef. He is very passionate about food, whether it is cooking, talking with local farmers, wandering the market or testing the newest culinary tool. Brett loves teaching and sharing his knowledge of food with others.


Brett is a professionally trained chef and writer. He has cooked in a number of world-class kitchens from gourmet pizza shops to five-star resorts. Brett has also worked as a manager for restaurants and caterers. Recently, Brett was the executive chef of a 120-seat restaurant and currently owns a restaurant consulting and management company, SLAMMED!


Brett holds a culinary degree from the prestigious New England Culinary Institute in Vermont, where he also studied restaurant management.

By Brett Moore:

"Really, really good food is a delight to experience, whether you're dining in a five-star restaurant or having lunch in your own kitchen. You don't have to be a celebrity chef to cook gourmet meals. Please join me as I make gourmet entertaining simple. I'll take you through the whole process, from shopping for the best foods to cooking a meal to creating an exciting dining experience for your family or dinner guests."


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