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FAQ: What are the Best Dippers to Serve with Cheese Fondue?

Traditional and New Accompaniments for Cheese Fondue


Cheese Fondue with bread, vegetables, and potatoes
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Question: I want to make a meal out of cheese fondue, and need ideas for dippers. What are some good cheese fondue accompaniments, and what else can I serve to round out the meal?

Answer: Fondue was likely developed as a way to use up stale bread and pieces of cheese, so cubes of a good crusty bread are a must. Lightly steamed vegetables, cured meats, and fresh fruit are good options too.

If you offer a wide selection of foods for dipping, you don't need to offer much else to round out the meal. Serve a simple salad, and finish the meal with a fruit tart or a chocolate fondue.

Fondue accompaniments:

  • Cubes of crusty bread: Baguette, multigrain, rye, sourdough, a rustic cranberry walnut loaf, etc.
  • Lightly steamed vegetables: Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, zucchini
  • Steamed or roasted artichoke hearts
  • Sauteed or roasted mushrooms: Cremini, shiitake, oyster, sliced portobellos
  • Steamed baby potatoes: Yukon Gold, fingerling, red, or purple
  • Fennel spears
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Cured meats: sausage, salumi
  • Fresh fruit: Raw, crisp apple or pear slices, seedless grapes

Cheese Fondue Recipes:

Traditional Cheese Fondue

Brie Fondue With Crab And Champagne

Cheddar Beer Fondue

Truffled Jarlsberg and Wild Mushroom Fondue

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