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All About Caviar - Gourmet Buying Guide
Caviar was once served as an appetizer in saloons of the Old West. In another time it was considered extremely valuable and only suitable to be served to royalty and the upper class. But what exactly is caviar? Why is it so highly prized and so expensive? Here are the facts on where caviar comes from and what all the fuss is about.

Storing and Serving Caviar
Caviar is a very perishable product. Here are a few tips for properly storing and making the best presentation of your caviar.

Where to Buy Caviar
There are dozens of shops out there selling caviar. The high price of caviar makes it a very lucrative business for retailers. However, many sellers don't have the experience for properly handling caviar or for guaranteeing their products are genuine. Here is a list of shops that have consistently provided quality products and good service.

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