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World's Greatest Chef Ferran Adrià and the Food of El Bulli


Ferran Adrià is considered by many to be the greatest chef in the world and his restaurant, El Bulli, to be the greatest restaurant in the world. Located in Roses, Spain, El Bulli is a holy mecca for food lovers. The 35-course taster's menu is a grand experience of tastes, textures, and wonder. An architect of molecular gastronomy, Adrià's creations are designed to surprise and enchant his guests

If you go, plan on making restaurants months in advance. El Bulli serves only dinner, has less than 50 seats, and only makes one sitting. They are also closed from October to March. Of the approximately 2,000 bookings every year, they receive over 400,000 applications. Expect to pay about $150 per person, not including wine.

To make reservations: El Bulli begins taking reservations for the following year in mid-October which are usually filled the first day. E-mail: bulli@elbulli.com or Fax: (34) 972 150 717. No phone calls.

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Rabbit with Hot Apple JellySardines with Fish Roe"Tapioca" of Iberian Ham"Cous-cous" of Cauliflower with Solid Aromatic Salsa
White Asparagus with Hot MayonnaiseApple Vinegar & Juniper BerriesHot & Cold Trout Roe TempuraStrawberries with Campari, Mandarin, Basil, & Sancho Powder
Bread with Oil & ChocolateLollipop of White Chocolate & Lemon and Coffee CandyChocolate & Eucalyptus with Pear Sorbet"Quince Paste" of Red Fruits with Curd
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