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Traveling Vermont

A Gourmet Lover's Paradise


Traveling Vermont
Vermont is a wonderful state to visit any time of the year. In spring, the snow recedes and Vermont comes alive with new growth. This is also maple-sugaring season. Festivals around the state celebrate the harvesting of one of Vermont’s biggest exports, maple syrup. In summer, the farmer’s markets are bursting with fresh produce, meats, cheese, and crafts. Every village has its own market, many providing entertainment and gourmet meals for visitors. Vermont is the least crowded with tourists this time of year. It is the perfect opportunity to wander around the state visiting farmer’s markets, historical towns or hiking its beautiful wilderness. In the fall, the forests of Vermont explode with a rainbow of colors and visitors from around the world flock here to enjoy this unique, natural experience. Winter brings skiers and snowboarders who come to the slopes of Vermont’s many ski resorts.

Perhaps less well known is Vermont’s attraction as a gourmet destination. Every village and town has as at least one really amazing restaurant and probably many more. The numerous small farms and farmhouse artisans provide many food establishments with fresh, local produce, gourmet cheeses, and hormone-free meats. Vermonters are very supportive of their independent restaurateurs and you’ll find many unique and magnificent eateries throughout the state.

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