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A Gallery of Aphrodisiac Foods, Lore & Recipes


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A Gallery of Aphrodisiac Foods, Lore & Recipes

Throughout history, spices like cinnamon have been ascribed aphrodisiac properties, the pursuit of which helped drive the ancient spice trade.

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For millennia, humans have sought out aphrodisiac foods, revering their power to increase virility or fertility, enhance sexual pleasure, or inspire fidelity. Scientists may question the existence of aphrodisiacs, but as anyone who's shared a romantic meal can attest, biting into a perfectly ripe berry can spark as much ardor as a kiss.

Consider cinnamon: Studies have documented that its warm aroma is incredibly arousing. We don't yet know why. But if breakfast in bed involves Cinnamon Rolls With Dulce De Leche, does it really matter?



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