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Traditional Christmas Specialty Foods


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Traditional Christmas Specialty Foods
Picture of a family stirring Christmas pudding on a Victorian Christmas card

This Christmas card, circa 1871, depicts a Victorian family gathering to stir a Christmas Pudding. Many special holiday foods and customs became specifically associated with Christmas during the Victorian era.

Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Mention roasting chestnuts, a savory smoked ham, or the cool peppermint finish of a hand-pulled candy cane, and you're bound to evoke Christmas memories any time of the year. But how did these iconic foods - so vital to holiday menus, and so ingrained with the culture of the holiday - become associated with Christmas in the first place? Browse these images of traditional Christmas foods, and get a taste of the fascinating history behind traditional Christmas food customs.

Plus, learn where to buy each of the featured Christmas foods online, whether you want to begin a new family tradition, or simply free up time to enjoy the season with your loved ones.

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