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Top 5 Where to Buy Kobe Beef


Kobe beef is a very high grade of beef from Japanese cattle (Wagyu) raised in Kobe, Japan. The genetics, diet, and handling of Wagyu create a beef product with a highly desirable flavor and a tenderness that melts in your mouth. Today, there are several U.S. producers that sell Kobe beef.

Here is a list of reputable ranchers and vendors that sell Kobe beef online.

1. Morgan Ranch

A third generation ranch located in the Sand hills of Nebraska, Morgan Ranch began raising Wagyu cattle in 1992. Morgan Ranch processes the beef themselves and sells directly to supermarkets, restaurants, and consumers. They have a full line of Kobe beef products from ribeyes to ground beef.

2. Allen Brothers

Established in 1893 in the center of Chicago's Union Stockyards, Allen Brothes has a long history of supplying top quality beef to Americans. They have a full line of Kobe beef products including steaks, ground beef, pastrami, and corned beef brisket.

3. Snake River Farms

An Idaho ranch, Snake River Farms sell their products through Uptown Prime. Their cattle are a cross of Wagyu and Black Angus (a common practice). They sell a full range of cuts.

4. Prime Selection

A small California company, Prime Selection has been in business since 1993. Prime Selection carries Kobe tenderloins, rib-eyes, striploins, and top sirloins.

5. Yama Beef

Yama Beef is located in East Texas. These cattle originally belonged to Shogo Takeda, one of the biggest Waygu breeders in Japan. The ranch was sold in 1999 to the Yamamotos, who maintain the high standards and service Takeda was known for. Yama Beef has a full range of Kobe cuts from steaks to ground beef to shabu (thinly sliced for shabu-shabu or sukiyaki dishes).

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