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Top 7 Mexican Restaurants in New York City


The Michelin Guide (Le Guide Michelin) is an annual guide book to hotels and restaurants in over a dozen countries published by Michelin (yes, the tire guys). Restaurants are awarded stars based on their quality with 3-stars considered the absolute pinnacle of perfection. Many European chefs live and die by this rating system. Michelin published its first guide to New York City in 2005.

Here is their top picks for Mexican restaurants in New York City. According to Michelin, "These restaurants offer authentic, Mexican cuisine in a festive atmosphere."

1. El Parador Cafe

Michelin Guide New York
This delightful restaurant has been a landmark of the Murray Hill neighborhood for over 40 years. El Parador was also named "Bib Gourmand" which means the restaurant is considered an especially good value. Average Price: $20-$30 per person.

325 East 34th Street (between First & Second Aves)
New York City

2. Maz Mezcal

Average Price: $15-$25 per person.

316 East 86th Street
New York City

3. Maya

Maya was the first in Chef Richard Sandoval's empire of Modern Mexican restaurants (there were 9 at last count). Gourmet Mexican food with fantastic margaritas. Average Price: $25-$35 per person.

1191 First Ave. (between 64th & 65th St's.)
New York City

4. Rosa Mexicano

Elegant decor with an open kitchen. Possibly the best margaritas in the city. Average Price: $30-$45 per person.

1063 First Ave. (at 58th St.)
New York City

5. Zarela

Owner Zarela Martinez has been credited with being one of the first people to expose New Yorkers to more diverse Mexican cuisine. Now 20 years old, Zarela is still one of the top Mexican restaurants in the city. Average Price: $30-$40 per person.

953 Second Ave. (between 50th & 51st Sts.)
New York City

6. Crema

Crema is a relatively new place which opened in April 2006. Chef Julieta Ballesteros (a native of Monterrey, Mexico) serves up delightful Mexican cuisine with a French presentation (which she learned while a student at the French Culinary Institute). Ballesteros has been named the #1 or #2 Mexican chef for 6 years running. Average Price: $30-$50 per person.

111 West 17th St. (between Sixth & Seventh Aves.)
New York City

7. Mexicana Mama

Mexicana Mama is a tiny place in the West Village with a cult-like following. Average Price: $20-$30 per person.

525 Hudson St. (between Charles & 10th St's)
New York City

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