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Romantic Gifts for Food Lovers

A Guide to Romantic Specialty Food Gifts


When it comes to romantic gifts, there's something especially sweet and intimate about picking a special culinary treat to suit your honey's tastes. You'll find something to thrill your favorite gourmet in this round up of romantic food gifts.

1. Cookies & Corks

Cookies and Corks
Image Courtesy of CookieZen, LLC

Explore the playful side of wine pairing with sweet and savory cookies from Cookies & Corks. Each box of fifteen bite-sized cookies includes three flavors created to pair with sparkling, red, or white wine. So, for example, you and your Prosecco-loving sweetheart can spend the evening contemplating whether that crisp bubbly tastes best with Iced Lemon, Parmesan Thyme, or Sea Salt Chocolate Oatmeal cookies. Buy online at gourmet-food.com. Price: $7.98/7.5 oz.

2. Donsuemor Madeleines

Image Courtesy of Donsuemor

Donsuemor's sweet Madeleines make charming tokens of affection. The little cakes strike  just the right balance between buttery flavor and light texture. For purists and Proust lovers, Donsuemor offers its Madeleines in the traditional elongated shell shape. But if it's a heart-swelling romantic gesture you're after, send a gift box filled with darling heart shaped Madeleines. Buy online at Donsuemor.com. Price: $28/24 heart-shaped Madeleines; traditional Madeleines and other cakes from $14 and up.

3. Artisanal Fondue du Jour

Artisanal Fondue
Image Courtesy of Artisanal Premium Cheese

What's better than sharing the fun and intimacy of fondue with your love? How about dipping into the same exemplary fondue served at Artisanal, Terrance Brennan's famed New York City fromagerie, bistro, and wine bar, in the privacy of your own home? The Artisanal Fondue Blend and Fondue du Jour are traditional blends of aged Alpine cheese. Just combine them in a saucepan with white wine, and serve with crusty baguette and your favorite fondue accoutrements. Buy online at ArtisanalCheese.com. Price: $18/Fondue du Jour; $24/Artisanal Fondue Blend.

4. Zoe's Chocolate Company Signature Collection

Chocolate's historical reputation as an aphrodisiac and its status as a go-to love token aren't entirely coincidental. Incredibly delicious chocolate gift options abound, but if you're looking for one that's especially romantic, consider the Mediterranean-inspired Signature Collection from Zoë's Chocolates. Aphrodite herself seems to be the muse for flavors like Persephone's Pomegranate, Dionysus Baklava, Golden Honeycomb, and Aegean Pistachio. The artisan chocolates are handcrafted, and feature locally-sourced ingredients. Buy online at www.ZoesChocolate.com. Price: $5.75/4-piece gift box to $47.00/32-piece Signature Collection gift box.

5. Sexy Gourmet Food Co. Spice Blends

Sexy Gourmet Food Company Spice Blend Gift Box
Image Courtesy of The Sexy Gourmet Food Company

The Canada-based Sexy Gourmet Food Co. seeks to simplify gourmet cooking with a series of enticing spice blends. Each combines Mediterranean flake salt with the herbs and spices that characterize various ethnic cuisines, so both newbie and experienced cooks can spice things up with aplomb and without guesswork. Flavors include Original, Greek, Italian, Indian, Chipotle, 5 Spice, and PiriPiri, along with a Steak seasoning. Buy online at www.SexyGourmetFood.com. Price: $15.25/gift box of 3 spice blends; $32.10/gift box of 7 spice blends.

6. Volcano Island Honey Company Rare Hawaiian White Honey with Hawaiian Lilikoi

Honey is one of the most sensual foods there is, so why not treat your sweet to an ultra rare varietal honey from a tropical paradise? As if Volcano Island Honey Company's Hawaiian white honey weren't romantic enough, they've gilded the lily by stirring lilikoi (aka passion fruit) puree into their raw, organic, single floral source honey. Buy online at VolcanoIslandHoney.com. Price: $18/8 oz.

7. Sence Rare European Rose Nectar

Image Courtesy of Sence Nectar

Gifting your love with a bouquet of voluptuous roses is definitely romantic. But literally imbibing the very essence of rose petals together is just swoon-worthy. Organically produced from Bulgarian Kazanlak roses harvested just three weeks in early summer, Sence Nectar is light, refreshing, and as delicious drunk solo as it is mixed into cocktails. Find it at these specialty shops and gourmet groceries.

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