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What is Panko?

Panko Definition, Uses, Recipes and Buying Guide


Definition: Panko is a Japanese breadcrumb with a light, crunchy texture. Panko is made from a crustless Japanese wheat bread, which is dried and coarsely ground. Relative to regular breadcrumbs, panko has a more flake-like appearance. When fried or baked, panko becomes crispier and browns nicely, while absorbing less oil than regular bread crumbs.

Pronunciation: PAHN-ko

Also Known As: Japanese Bread Crumbs

Panko Uses:

  • Use panko to bread oven-baked or deep-fried chicken breasts or fish fillets.
  • Sprinkle panko over salads or steamed vegetables just before serving to add a little crunch.
  • Dredge fritters, crab cakes, or soft vegetable patties in panko before pan-frying to create a crispy crust.
  • Replace regular breadcrumbs with panko for casserole or baked pasta dish toppings.

Panko Recipes:

Buying Guide:

Panko is available in Asian markets and some supermarkets. If you can't find it in a local market, here are some internet sources for buying panko online:

  • Amazon.com has a wide range of panko from both Japanese and American producers. You'll even find flavored versions. Order individual packages, or buy a case. Prices start at $2.59.
  • Upper Crust Enterprises sells its original panko in individual packages or in a case of six. They've also got a Caribbean Coconut panko in case you want to add a fuss-free taste of the islands to your cooking. Star-K Kosher. Buy online at uppercrustent.com. Price: $3.90/24-oz package to $20.95/case of 6.

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