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FAQ: I'm Out of Arborio Rice. What Else Can I Use to Make Risotto?

Arborio Rice Substitutes for Risotto Recipes


Question: I want to make risotto, but I don't have Arborio rice. Is there another rice I can substitute for Arborio?

Answer: Risotto recipes typically call for Arborio rice, a starchy, short grain rice named for the Italian town where it was first grown. Arborio's high amylose content helps give risotto its characteristic creaminess.

If you don't have Arborio, Carnaroli rice, a medium-grained rice that also has a high amylose content, is another classic — if lesser known — choice for risotto in parts of northern Italy.

But don't feel restricted to Italian rice varieties. The key to successful risotto-making is to use a short or medium grain rice with a firm texture and high starch content. White sushi rice works nicely.

Or experiment with starchy, rice-shaped grains, such as pearled barley or farro.

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