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2013 Gourmet Food Readers' Choice Awards

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Every year, the About.com Readers' Choice Awards showcase the best products, people, organizations, and services in multiple categories, from technology to hobbies to parenting to religion. The readers of About.com make the nominations; each About.com Guide chooses the finalists (up to five in each category) from among the nominees; and the readers and others vote to choose one of the finalists as the best in the category for that year.

This is the first year for Gourmet Food. I've include 10 categories for you to vote in from your favorite cookbook of 2012 to your favorite food television personality! Have fun and tell me who you think deserves to win!

Award nominations will be accepted from January 14, 2013 through February 11, 2013. On February 19 the finalists will be announced (up to five per award category), and voting will open to readers. Voting will close on March 19, and winners will be announced on March 27.

Now check out this year's categories!

1. Best Online Gourmet or Specialty Food Store

What is your favorite place online to shop for specialty foods? There's some great ones out there! Here is some of the best ones in my opinion. Where do you find the tastiest ingredients? Nominate your choice here!

2. Best Food Magazine

I love reading all the food magazines every month. Whether it's a new recipe, an intriguing food travel story or an interesting bit of food history, or some of the most incredible photography - I enjoy it all! What is your favorite food magazine? Nominate your choice here!

3. Best Food Blog

Wow! There is an incredible number of really great food blogs out there. Here is just a handful that I enjoy (there's so many!). What is your absolute favorite food blog? Nominate your choice here.

4. Favorite Television Chef

We live in the age of food television. How lucky are we? Tell me who your favorite chef (or other foodie) on television is. Tell us why, too, you think this person deserves to be number one.

5. Best Cooking Competition Television Show

One of the best things about food television is the competition shows - whether they are at the pinnacle of their cooking careers or just starting out - the drama and creativity is terrific viewing. Tell me what cooking competition show in 2012 was your favorite.

6. Best Food Television Show

Between the Food Network, the Cooking Channel, PBS, Discovery and the Travel channel there are literally more food shows than I can keep track of! What was your absolute favorite non-competition food show of 2012? Let's leave out the competition shows. You can vote for that in a different category.

7. Best Organic Food Brand

Organic foods are gaining ground every year! Foods fresh from the farm or ranch are my preference, but occasionally you might need something for the pantry. Luckily there are companies out there that specialize in making all organic products. Whether it comes in a can, a box, or bag - what is your favorite organic food brand?

8. Best Cutlery Brand

The knife is the most important tool in the kitchen. If you're like me, you've used a number of different brands over the years. Some were excellent and some not so great. What is your favorite brand of cutlery? Nominate your choice here.

9. Best Gourmet Cookbook of 2012

There were a number of outstanding cookbooks that were published last year. Nominate your choice for the best cookbook of 2012 here. (Make sure it was published in 2012 to qualify!)

10. Best Cooking App

I love playing with cooking apps. They might not substitute for a great cookbook but they still are worthy in their own right. In this category, I am including apps (for your phone or tablet) that have anything to do about food - a recipe app, meal planning, restaurant finder, measurement converters, etc. Nominate your favorite cooking app here.

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