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Top 10 Food Blogs Good Enough To Eat


Blogs (or web logs) are an interesting phenomenon. Anyone with a computer and an opinion can start a blog, a sort of online diary, for the entire world to read. Food blogs generally relate the dining adventures or cooking experiments of the writer. Many of these blogs are very well written, extremely interesting, and can be addictive. Here are some of my favorite food blogs. Explore these and you may want to start your own. Surely someone out there cares what you had for breakfast.

1. Food Blog

This quirky food blog is a good example of the genre and the passion some people have for food. Chocked full of the daily dining exploits of the writer, there are interesting adventures and restaurant reviews along with a healthy list of links to other food blogs.

2. Chez Pim

Pim Techamuanvivit, originally from Bangkok, resides in San Francisco but spends a great deal of her time travelling the world. Her blog, Chez Pim, has garnered a great deal of accolades and has been featured in several media publications including the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal. Chez Pim is a wonderful diary of Pim's dining adventures around the globe with some really good (or at least interesting) photography.

3. A Hamburger Today

A Hamburger Today attempts to discover the world's best hamburger (an obsession I also share). A group effort with writers based in New York and Los Angeles, every juicy detail of their globetrotting dining is covered in their burger escapades. If you love a good burger like I do, you will enjoy reading the exploits of these meat-eaters and their consuming hunger for America's favorite sandwich.

4. Deep End Dining

This hip, off-center look at food and eating is a group effort by writers in New York and Los Angeles - great writing that is fascinating, poetic, sometimes crude but always stimulating.

5. Kate Hill's French Kitchen Adventures

Kate Hill is a writer and cook living in Gascony, France. She holds cooking classes at her farmhouse in Camont and also owns a 100-year-old barge which she uses to travel the waterways of Europe. This is a very interesting look at French food and culture.

6. Andrew & Karen's Web Log

Blog page of the brilliant writing team of Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page (husband and wife). Dornenburg and Page are authors of Culinary Artistry, Dining Out, Chef's Night Out, The New American Chef, and Becoming a Chef (this book was partly responsible for my own desire to become a professional chef). As you would guess, Andrew and Karen dine out a lot. This page is a diary of their dining experiences, chats with chefs, opinions, and useful restaurant information - a pleasure to read.

7. Cornichon

Named one of Seattle's best blogs, Cornichon is written by Ronald Holden and covers everything from Seattle's great Pike Place Market to four-star restaurants to neighborhood delis.

8. Cooking Fire

Written by an American freelance food writer living in Mexico City, this fascinating blog is full of in-depth stories of food, particulary traditional styles and old world cooking methods. Recent posts relate the authors travels to the United Kingdom, including a stint on a goat farm and making cheese. He states his next culinary journey will be to China in January 2006.

9. David Lebovitz

It's been my experience that pastry chefs have a good sense of humor (at least compared to other chefs). David Lebovitz, an extraordinary pastry chef (formerly of Chez Panisse) and cookbook author, has created this wonderful food blog that is both amusing and intelligent.

10. Noodlepie

Noodlepie relates the musings of British freelance journalist, Graham Holliday. This blog is mostly about the food of Vietnam (where she is based), both the good and the bad, but Graham does occasionally cover other venues. This blog is a very interesting read even if you don't enjoy Vietnamese - lots of great photos, too.

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