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5 Vintage Cooking Gifts

Old-time Kitchen Tools to Give


Some kitchen tools just can't be improved upon. Many of them designed almost 200 years ago, are just as useful and reliable today as when they were first introduced. Not only fun to use, these items become kitchen essentials and are great for everyday cooking in the kitchen. Well-made out of superior materials, they will generally last a lifetime. Here are my picks for five vintage cooking tools you should make a part of your kitchen toolbox.

1. Vintage Popcorn Popper

Originally created by the Jacob Bromwell company in 1819, these classic popcorn poppers have been in production for over 190 years. High quality with a lifetime warranty, these poppers are fun to use over an open fire but work just as well on the stove top. Jacob Bromwell, inventor and researcher, studied the history of Native American's love of popcorn which led to the invention of his first popcorn popper.

2. Vintage Chestnut Roaster

"Chestnuts roasting on an open fire"...We know the song by heart, but how many of us have had the pleasure of experiencing this holiday tradition? Another original design of Jacob Bromwell, you won't find a better roaster. Long before the Pilgrims arrived, Native Americans enjoyed chestnuts as part of their diet. Tribes such as the Iroquois and Cherokee taught the early settlers how to cook the wonderful treat, which was also used to cure many illnesses. Although forests of chestnut trees covered the early American landscape, some prominent colonials, such as Thomas Jefferson, imported European varieties which were grafted to their American cousins. Writer Henry David Thoreau spoke often about American's love of the chestnut.

3. All-American Flour Sifter

This classic sifter hasn't been improved upon in almost 200 years. Patented by Jacob Bromwell in 1819, they are still made in the same way today. This sifter will create a fine flour perfect for cakes and pastries. Made of stainless steel, the sifter is very light and reliable.

4. Morgan's Famous Grater

Everyone recognizes this classic box grater. This handmade 9" grater features fine, medium, and coarse grating surfaces, plus a slicing surface. Versatile and always handy to have around. This is a tool you should always have in your kitchen.

The invention of the cheese grater is generally attributed to François Boullier, a citizen of Paris, France in the 1540's. The first grater was made out of pewter and is now on display at the Muséum du Havre (in Le Havre, France). Back in those days, meat was becoming unpopular because of disease so many farmers turned to cheese production leading to a over abundance of cheese. Much of the surplus, sitting around in warehouses, became hard and the cheese grater was used to serve the hardened cheese at the table.

5. Coloma Colander

Made in the same way since the early 1900's, this lightweight colander is an essential tool to have in the kitchen for washing fruits and vegetables. Known as early as the 1600's, colanders have become a useful tool for the cook throughout history. In the 1830's, this particular colander became popular not only with cooks in America but also with gold miners panning for gold!

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