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Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Gourmet Cook


Cooking outdoors, whether on your patio or deep in the woods, can create delicious foods as great as any restaurant kitchen. If you or someone you know loves cooking outside, here are some unique gift ideas that you are sure to love.

1. The Barbecue Box

The Barbecue Box is an innovative all-in-one cook box for camping or any outdoor cooking. The hand made stainless steel box comes with 4 skewers, 1 cooking rack, and the lid.

Kabob with the skewers. Put the skewers through the lower slots, place the rack on the skewers and use the BBQ Box to bake your corn bread or cake (use throw-away aluminum pans). Put the skewers through the top slots, place the rack on the skewers and grill your fish, steaks, or hamburgers!

Put the lid on the top of the BBQ Box (up-side-down) and fry your bacon & eggs and cook your pancakes for breakfast. Fill the BBQ Box with water and your favorite ingredients for stew and let it simmer until it's ready to eat.

Smoke your fish or meat by putting the skewers through the lower slots and the rack on the skewers: have your charcoal to one side and of the BBQ Box and put your meat on the rack on the other side of the BBQ Box, put the lid on the box to hold the smoke in and add some flavored smoking chips in for that flavor you like best.

Take this box with you camping and you don't need much else to serve up some delicious gourmet meals!

2. Minden Gas Grill

One of my top picks for gas grills! Minden Grills are superbly designed and beautiful to look at. 30,000 BTU's with 365-square-inch main grilling surface. Stainless steel grate.

These beautiful grills are made in Minden, Nevada and come in a variety of colors.

3. The Grill Plate

Turn your gas grill into an oven. Bake anything you want outside - roast turkey, pizza, cinnamon rolls, cookies, cake, prime rib, muffins - a very useful tool to have, especially if you're out camping away from home.

Made of heavy gauge aluminum, the plate should last you a lifetime. The plate's innovative design creates a convection effect inside the grill making the perfect baking environment. The plate itself contains a 1-inch air gap which prevents burning your baked goods.

I've tested the plate myself extensively and can attest to its merits. It really does work wonderfully and it's a steal at $70!

4. Curly Dog Roasters

One of a kind, hand made hot dog roasting sticks! These "curly" campfire forks are made of high-quality steel. They measure approximately 34 inches in length, including an 11 inch oak or walnut handle and a full-grain leather carrying strap.

These hand crafted masterpieces are designed and made by an Idaho lawyer, Harley Babcock.

5. KettlePizza Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit

Turn your charcoal kettle grill (such as a Weber One Touch Gold or Silver) into an outdoor pizza oven! This very cool cooking contraption is made of 20 gauge, 304 grade stainless steel with a built in temperature gauge. Insert made in USA. The deluxe kit includes American made metal peel and hand crafted Cordeirite pizza stone. Works with charcoal or wood.

You can also use a skillet to cook meats, fish, or vegetables.

6. Superfast Thermapen

This is one of the best digital thermometers you can buy and perfect for temping meats on the grill. 3-second readings with plus or minus 0.7 accuracy. Water-resistant design. 1,500 hours of battery life. Made by Hand in England, the Thermapen is faster and more accurate than any other cooking thermometer on the market. Originally designed for commercial cooking, it is very popular among chefs and competitive BBQ teams.

7. Looftlighter

The Looftlighter ignites anything from charcoal to wood with the touch of a button. And the Looftlighter eliminating lighter fluid from the process not only outdoor cooking more enjoyable, but cuts down on the toxic fumes, the production of the petroleum-based product, and burn injuries resulting from unattended fires. Patented technology uses a 1,256°F airstream to ignite the grilling medium. That's hot stuff!

8. Cedar Papers

What a brilliant concept! Thin sheets of cedar wood that you wrap around your food before putting on the grill. Your dish will steam inside the cedar paper while infusing it with a beautiful smoky flavor. Love this stuff! Made with 100% all natural, SFI certified wood.

9. Mini Hamburger Slider Set

Love slider? Sliders are the perfect meaty finger food for a party or football gathering. Trying to grill up big batches of these scrumptious treats, however, can be a pain. This mini-burger press and grill basket set are the perfect way to streamline the cooking process.

10. Toas-Tite

The delicious possibilities are endless with this fun vintage grilling tool. Made of die cast aluminum, with steel rods and hardwood handles - just like the original. Packaged in Retro Box with reprints of 1949 instruction and recipe booklets. Can be used on gas and electric stoves, over a gas or charcoal grill, fire-pit, fire place, or camp fire.

Make grilled cheese sandwiches, fruit pies, tuna melts, western omelets, tacos, and a million other yummy treats.

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