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The Best Food of the Month Clubs

Delicious Edibles Delivered in the Mail


Why give a gift just once when you can give someone a gift every month of the year? Some of the most respectable producers of delicious foods out there offer incredible food-of-the-month clubs to fit every taste and budget. From gourmet chocolates to craft coffees to artisan bacon, homemade pies to farmhouse cheese to fresh seafood - there is a perfect food-of-the-month club for you or your favorite foodie. Here is a list of my favorites.


1. iGourmet

Food of the Month Clubs

Igourmet is one of the best places anywhere to find fantastic specialty foods. An added bonus for foodies is there wonderful 'Food-of-the-Month" clubs.  Choose from popular clubs like Cheese, Coffee, Tea, Olive Oil, Salsa, Connoisseurs (something different and exciting every month), and their  newest, the Platinum Cheese of the Month for the highly adventurous cheese lover! All guaranteed to be delicious! Great customer service, too!

2. The Fruit Company Harvest Clubs

The Fruit Company always has amazing fruit and it's my top pick for fruit gifts. They have 4 really fantastic fruit of the month clubs (HarvestClub) that I think you will really like.

HarvestClub Americana contains a wonderful assortment of juicy navel oranges, sugar red grapefruits, golden pineapples, mountain berries, scarlet nectarines and more.

HarvestClub Exotica is a delicious variety of unusual fruits like Blood & Cara Cara Navels, Red & Baby Fingerling Bananas, Star Fruit & Kiwi, Passion & Ugli Fruit, Champagne & Kent Mangos, Saucer Peaches & Nectarines, Rainier Cherries, Pluots & Papaya, Baby Pineapple & Kiwis, Persimmon & Honeycrisp, Asian Pears & Feijoas, Pomegranates & Kumquats.

HarvestClub Organic contains all natural apples, oranges, grapefruit, cherries, pineapple, nectarines, pears, mangoes, and more.

HarvestClub Deluxe recipients will see a wonderfully prepared fruit basket followed by delicious fruit boxes of cherries, pineapple, watermelon, apples, Asian pears, blueberries, peaches, and lots more.

3. Chicago Steak Company Gift Clubs

Who wouldn't enjoy some nice juicy steaks in the mail every month? Chicago Steak Company has a fantastic Steak Gift Club that delivers great quality beef to your door. They have a variety of plans. For example the Premium 12-month gift club includes:

Month 1 4 - 6oz Premium Aged Filet Mignons, 5oz Signature Steak Seasoning
Month 2 4 - 12oz Premium Aged Boneless Strips
Month 3 4 - 6oz Premium Aged Filet Mignons
Month 4 4 - 8oz Premium Aged Top Sirloins
Month 5 4 - 10oz Premium Aged Ribeyes
Month 6 16 - 8oz Gourmet Steak Burgers
Month 7 4 - 16oz Premium Aged T-Bones
Month 8 4 - 12oz Premium Aged Boneless Strips
Month 9 4 - 8oz Premium Aged Flat Iron Steaks
Month 10 4 - 10oz Premium Aged Ribeyes
Month 11 4 - 8oz Premium Aged Top Sirloins
Month 12 4 - 6oz Premium Aged Filet Mignons

4. Bacon Freak Bacon of the Month Club

Delicious sliced gourmet bacon delivered to your door each month. 2 packages of bacon are included each month - hand rubbed with spices, not machine, with flavors such as: Cajun, Apple Cinnamon, Jalapeno, Honey BBQ, Maple, Brown Sugar, Vanilla Bourbon, Sun-Dried Tomato, Pepper, and good ol' Hickory Smoked. This bacon also doesn't shrink and splatter when you cook it.

There is a number of different bacon clubs to choose from including gluten free, no pepper, no nitrates. 3-, 6-, or 12-month clubs or even pay-as-you-go.

5. Zingerman's Culinary Adventure Society

This is Zingerman's premier food club. Four times a year, Zingerman's will send you a box of 8 to 10 foods based on their recent culinary travels. Past treasures have included the first taste of Robert Lambert's Rangpur Lime Syrup, a rare cache of frost tea from high in the Himalayas, Mo's Bacon Chocolate Bar—before the rest of the country got to taste the phenomenon, line-caught tuna from the Pacific Northwest, and wild thimbleberry jam, with fruit picked on the spring shores of Lake Superior.

All foods in the Culinary Adventure Society will be exclusively selected for its members. Included with each shipment is a collection of writing on the foods’ history and culture plus recipes for their use. Members also receive a copy of Zingerman’s Guide to Good Eating with their first shipment. Expect to pay between $175 and $600 depending on how many installments you purchase.

6. The Lee Bros. Southern Food of the Month

The Lee Bros. are famous for their Southern cooking. They also have an incredible online shop of Southern rarities and offer "The Ultimate Southern Pantry," 12 months of Southern goodies delivered to your door. Expect to pay around $350.

Items include: fig preserves
Benne wafers
Artichoke relish
Stoneground grits and cornmeal
Pickled okra
Peach preserves
Creecy greens
Lady Cream peas and red field peas
Onion relish
Boiled peanut kit
Carolina Gold rice
pickled green beans
Cheerwine soda
Moon Pies

7. Olympic Provisions Salami of the Month

One of my favorite salami makers Olympic Provisions makes 12 different salamis crafted from all-natural northwest pork using Old World techniques. Each month you will receive a different variety (or up to 3 depending on your particular subscription). You can also add a knife and cutting board to the package. Prices are $135 for 1 salami per month, $260 for 2 salamis per month, or $385 for 3 salamis delivered per month.

8. Craft Coffee of the Month

Do you love artisan roasted, craft coffee? Here is your chance to discover amazing coffee from small batch roasters all over the country. Craft Coffee offers 1 month to 12 month subscriptions - with 4 ounces of coffee from 3 companies delivered each month. Tasting notes and brew tips are included for each coffee. Expect to pay around $30 for 1 month up to $240 for a 12-month subscription. You can even choose whole bean or 1 of 3 grinds.

Past featured roasters have included:

Dallis Bros. Coffee
Four Barrel Coffee
Olympia Coffee Roasting Co.
PT's Coffee Roasting Co.
Augie's Coffee Roasters
Dogwood Coffee Co.
JJ Bean Coffee Roasters
Noble Coffee Roasters
Novo Coffee
Water Avenue Coffee

9. Murray's Cheese of the Month

cheese plate
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Nobody knows cheese better than Murray's in New York City. Luckily for us, they offer a fantastic cheese of the month club that delivers some of their hand picked favorites right to your door. These unique cheeses are chosen to coincide with the seasons and holidays. The hand-picked selections ensure exceptional quality. Club members receive three limited production cheeses each month (in a variety of milk types and textures), totaling 1.5 lbs., accompanied by Murray's Master Monger description. $275 for 4 months.

10. Grand Traverse Pie of the Month Club

The Grand Traverse Pie Company in Michigan has some of the most incredibly delicious pies anywhere! Not only do they do mail order but they offer a pie of the month club to keep you in scrumptious pie all year long. They offer all sorts of fruit pies as well as pumpkin and pecan. Prices are $75 for 3 months, $150 for 6 months, and $275 for 12 months.

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