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Gift Ideas for the Child Cook

Real Cookware & Bakeware


Gift Ideas for the Child Cook

Chicago Metallic Kids Bakeware

Real Kid-size Cookware & Tools

What better way to teach kids about cooking than to give them their own cookware made just their size? Just be sure that children are always supervised by an adult when in the kitchen!

Most kid’s cookware comes in sets that usually include a pot or pan, utensils, and measuring tools. A good example is the Bella Bistro Stainless Steel Cookware Set from Toysmith Vendor Site, which includes a 4 3/4 inch sauté pan, a 4 3/4 stock pot, and a 3 3/4 sauce pan with two lids.

There are also several good bakeware sets on the market especially made for kids. Chicago Metallic makes a 5-piece Kids Bakeware Set that is very good quality. The set includes 2 cake pans, 1 cookie sheet, 1 bread pan, and 1 muffin pan. (Vendor Site)

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